Pesticide Search (Bangla / English)

Pest NameCrop NameGroup NameTrade NameCompany NameDoseAP
Early BlightTomatoMancozebChemzeb 80 WPChemolimpex Agro Limited2 gm/l of water2479
Late blightPotatoMancozebChemzeb 80 WPChemolimpex Agro Limited2 gm/Litre of water2479
Red rustTeaCopper oxychlorideAcmecop 50 WPChemolimpex Agro Limited2.8kg/ha875
HopperMangoCypermethrinChemomethrin 10 ECChemolimpex Agro Limited1 ml/Litre of water641
HopperMangoFenvalerateAcmefen 20 ECChemolimpex Agro Limited0.5 ml/Litre of water642
Brown Plant Hopper (BPH)RiceChlorpyrifosMonitor 20 ECChemolimpex Agro Limited1.00 Litre/ha618
TermiteTeaChlorpyrifosMonitor 20 ECChemolimpex Agro Limited10.00 Litre/ha618
Top shootborerSugarcaneCarbofuranLimifuran 5GChemolimpex Agro Limited40.00 Kg/ha2645
Shoot & fruit borerBrinjalFenvalerateAcmefen 20ECChemolimpex Agro Limited1 ml/ litre of water642
Halde MuthaRicePyrazosulfuran EthylPariza 10 WPChemolimpex Agro Limited125 gm/ha3185
Pani kachuRicePyrazosulfuran EthylPariza 10 WPChemolimpex Agro Limited125 gm/ha3185