Pesticide Search (Bangla / English)

Pest NameCrop NameGroup NameTrade NameCompany NameDoseAP
Die BackTeaCarbendazimScotszim 50 WPScots Agro Chemicals750 gm/ha2449
Red rustTeaCarbendazimScotszim 50 WPScots Agro Chemicals750gm/1000 l of water2449
Black rotTeaCarbendazimScotszim 50 WPScots Agro Chemicals750 gm/1000 l of water2449
HopperMangoCypermethrinScot 10 ECScots Agro Chemicals1 ml/Litre of water2392
Mosquito Bug (Helopeltis)TeaCypermethrinScot 10 ECScots Agro Chemicals500 ml/ha2392