Pesticide Search (Bangla / English)

Pest NameCrop NameGroup NameTrade NameCompany NameDoseAP
Die BackTeaAzoxystrobinSitro 25 SCS I Agro International500 ml/ha3153
Die BackTeaCarbendazimKnowin 50 WPMcDonald Bangladesh (Pvt) Limited750 gm/ha241
Die BackTeaCarbendazimNova 50 WPEon Agro Industries Limited750g/1000l 0f watwr1384
Die BackTeaCarbendazimAmazim 50 WPAama Green Care750 gm/ha 1394
Die BackTeaCarbendazim Chemozim 50WPByco Agro Chemicals750 gm/ha 1395
Die BackTeaCarbendazimEmidazim 50WPIntegrated Crop Solution Bangladesh750 gm/ha 1429
Die BackTeaCarbendazimTowin 50 WPMarshal Agrovet Chemical Industries Ltd750 gm/ha1677
Die BackTeaCarbendazimDimbazim 50 WPDreamland Agro Products750 gm/ha 1721
Die BackTeaCarbendazimLongzim 50 WPACI Formulations Limited750 gm/ha1843
Die BackTeaCarbendazimFilzim 50 WPA M Traders750g/1000L of water 1844
Die BackTeaCarbendazimTurbo 50 WPHaychem (Bangladesh) Limited750g/1000L of water1846
Die BackTeaCarbendazimSuperzim 50 WPMery Gold Agro Science750 gm/ha1847
Die BackTeaCarbendazimLazim 50 WPSweet Agrovet Limited750 gm/ha1848
Die BackTeaCarbendazimKandari 50 WPSmart Agrovet750 gm/ha1849
Die BackTeaCarbendazimBenda 50 WPSalica Trade International750 gm/ha1850
Die BackTeaCarbendazimR-zim 50 WPBengal Agro Chemicals Industries750 gm/ha1851
Die BackTeaCarbendazimHitastin 50 WPHazi Abdul Hakim Sawdagor750 gm/ha1852
Die BackTeaCarbendazimGreendazim 50 WPGreen Harvest Limited750 gm/ha1853
Die BackTeaCarbendazimCardazim 50 WPAssign Crop Care Limited750 gm/ha1854
Die BackTeaCarbendazimBiozim 50 WPCrop Life Agro Chemicals Ltd750 gm/ha2118